Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy Haulidays!

Ok everyone I am ready to share my hauls with you from the past 2 months? I finallyy got my new phone which means a good quality camera that actually shows these beautiful things off the way they should be. So there is a lot to show, I will be breaking it up into 2 posts. Also, since some of this stuff was bought over a month ago I don't have prices for everything but whatever info I do have I will share. Haul time part 1!

Iron Fist Sale!

I'm back!

I have been off blogger for a while. Haven't even really been keeping up with the blogs I follow. Been in a bit of a funk. A long one. But I came across something that I wanted to share because it is just that awesome. I definitely did some shopping. Made my "funk" a bit better =) So if you love sales & Iron Fist, this is a great post for you!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Save The Puppys!

Yet another sad story. There are so many issues when it comes to animal cruelty. It really breaks my heart. If I ever get one wish, even only one, I'd wish to end all animal cruelty, abuse & torture all over the world. No hesitation. It needs to stop.

This is about internet sellers of puppies who aren't held to the same regulations as stores and are subjecting puppies to horrible conditions. Things like this are one of the reasons PETA & other animal humane companies urge you to ADOPT! DO NOT BUY FROM  A PET SHOP. TRY TO ADOPT! Just as there are plenty of children in need of homes, there are many animals who need to be adopted. The difference is, the animals who don't get adopted, are put down. So here's the video showing the conditions these puppies are being put through.

And this is the link to send the Secretary of Agriculture at the USDA a message asking him to fix this loophole immediately. The Humane Society has already written part of the message for you & you can customize the rest as you like or just sign your name. Obviously a personal message has more meaning but anything is better than nothing. Please take action to help these poor puppies. Its a great way to spend 2 minutes of your time.

Until next time,
Lovely Shopdict

PLEASE, I beg you. Read this. [FIXED!]

Another sad post. I received an email about this heartbreaking story. Something more important than fashion, and shopping, and shoes... Just reading it brought me to tears. I know I am a bigger animal lover than most, but I think if you can watch that video & not be affected by it, you probably don't have a heart. Or soul. Please send an email to the airline & ask them to stop supporting this torture. PETA gives you an email form with a draft message already typed up. All you have to do is  click the link above & add your name. It takes 15 seconds. PLEASE do this. The same as the last post, I will follow & promote anyone who sends the email, just let me know you did.

And if you think this isn't worth your 15 seconds, try watching this video. I BET it will change your mind. If it doesn't, maybe you shouldn't be on my blog. Because I like to share things with people that actually have a heart.

Until next time,
Lovely Shopdict

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Naughty Not Nice - The Ultimate Fashion Show Challenge

Here's my second ever Polyvore creation & contest entry. Its getting hard to make it look.. nice. A lot of the things I've tried looked so sloppy. I am not a natural that's for sure.

Naughty Not Nice - The Ultimate Fashion Show Challenge                                                     

Pom Poms, Truffles & Patches

That's how I feel after all this Thanksgiving food!

Hello loves. This post will be 3 parts. I seen some things online I wanted to try & having a few days off, I did. One is decorations, one is a recipe, & the other is my Thanksgiving nail design. =] All of these things were really easy to do too. So if you like Oreo's, Nail Art or cute D.I.Y. decorations, go see after the break.

The Night Is Still Young - The Ultimate Fashion Show Challenge

Hello everyone! If you didn't know, I am obsessed with Victoria's Secret. Especially their PINK line. And a few days ago I seen the new PINK Polyvore Challenge. I have an account I never really used. But I thought I'd give this challenge a try. Not really expecting to win at all. But wanting to have fun with it. After the break I will share my first attempt at Polyvore ever, & my first entry for the contest. =]

Monday, November 21, 2011

Soul Food

I am sitting here listening to my iPod [iPodizzle as I like to call it], dancing in my chair. Just loving all the music that's come out lately. So I thought I could share my fave songs lately with you. Even better, the videos, [which I hardly watch now a days] but all these videos are just awesome in my opinion. So lets feed our souls & shake our asses! =]

Proof I Am A Makeup Idiot

Quick question. I found this picture. And I have no clue what it is/what it's for.. It just looks like craft glitter to me.. But being that it's by MAC I know its makeup.. but what the hell are people doing with this?! Someone tell me, because all I know is its so pretty! =] Oh and if you have pics of it being used that would be helpful too. Thanks!

Until next time,
Lovely Shopdict

I Want To Follow YOU!

Hey everyone. So here's the deal. I have a few blogs that I follow & enjoy very much. But I want MORE! Haha. Really, its been hard to find blogs by just searching, & going through comments & other peoples followed blogs so I was hoping you could help me. =]

I am looking for blogs that post at least partly about:
  • Hauls
  • Wishlist's
  • Handbags
  • Shoes
  • Victoria's Secret
  • Iron Fist
  • Nail Art
  • D.I.Y. Projects
  • Outfit of the day
  • Your personal wardrobe
  • Forever 21
  • Charlotte Russe
  • Hot Topic
  • Steve Madden
  • Mandees
  • American Eagle
  • Deux Lux
Of course, your blog doesn't have to be about ONE specific thing. A variety blog is perfectly fine. One kind of blog I really wouldn't be into is a blog ONLY about makeup. If your blog is a mix of makeup stuff & other things than please send me the link. But I am not really a makeup lover. I don't wear eye shadow, blush, lashes, lipstick, highlighter [whatever that is], etc. I wear concealer & foundation sometimes when needed & that's about it. I am a makeup idiot. Really. So blogs with a lot of makeup tutorials & info are like reading another language to me. The stuff is pretty & all but its not really me. I hope this isn't offending anyone because I don't mean it that way it just doesn't make sense to read a blog completely about something that isn't relevant to me. But if you sometimes post about makeup that's cool I wouldn't mind reading. Maybe you'll inspire me to try some =]

Also if this wasn't obvious already.. I need a blog I can actually read, if there are words. If your blog is more Tumblr-esque, & is mostly pictures with 2 sentences then any language is fine. Otherwise I need it to either be in English, or is in both your language & English.

So, if your blog is about any of the things I've listed, any stores similar to ones I've listed, about shopping in any store really, is in any way similar to any post I've done, or just something you think I would like PLEASE leave me a comment with a link to your blog so I can go check it out. I want more blogs to follow. If you happen to enjoy mine please follow, if not, no biggie. I would assume if our blogs are similar we would follow each other, but maybe not. Either way I will not hold your lack of a follow against you & not follow yours.

Now, who has a blog for me to check out?!

Please share!

Until next time,
Lovely Shopdict

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Beyond Review

My shoes have arrived!! I ordered them from Beyond The Rack a while ago, and posted when I did order them. Now that they are here I am going to do a full review on the service from Beyond The Rack & the shoes themselves. I took the pics with a friends iPad 2 so they are much better quality than my own photos. =]

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Piece of Haul

I tried to do a haul post. I have quite a few purchases I haven't shared due to the lack of a decent camera & horrible lighting in my room. But then it started to pile up so tonight I decided let me just do it anyway & even with all the lighting possible the pictures sucked! So horrible you can't see any detail what-so-ever. It is really just better to wait the next week & a half to get the better camera & then do it. But there were some things I took pictures of things that didn't come out too bad and/or don't need detailed photos. So I will share those few things with you so I have less to do when the real camera comes. =] I guess here's a tiny part of my haul.

Versace, For Me?!

Like most girls, I was looking at the Versace for H&M collection. I am not a actual fan of the normal Versace collection. I never really looked at any of their stuff really. Way out of price range, not really my style of clothes, & a lot of genuine skins are used as usual with most "high end designer" brands. But I got curious because I do like H&M. And surprisingly I found a few pieces I would buy if I had the dough for it. [Which at the moment, I don't.] But I will be okay! Anyway here's my Versace for H&M picks.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Looking At Me

So lately there's been a huge jump in my views! Mainly to the post In Love With An Iron Fist. They come from Google searches & keywords for the Iron Fist products. It was a LOT of views though! Here are some of the screen shots.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Have A Heart, Do You?

This post is nothing I usually do. I am just seriously outraged & disgusted. PETA has informed me that Nestle, the company that produces Nestea, does disgusting, horrible animal tests & experiments for basically no good reason. They say they do it to show health benefits of their product. The law does not require any of these tests. US Regulators say these tests are proof of NOTHING. Basically these experiments hold no legal or regulatory standing or purpose. WTF are they being done for?!?!?! Please have a heart & read on.. I am offering a follow for people who help.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Forever Dreaming

So today was the "magical" 11-11-11. Where we all had I guess 3 chances to make our wishes.. On the day itself, & especially at 11:11 AM & PM. Did you use your wishes wisely? I only caught the 11:11 PM wish. Hope that's good enough =] Plus even better, its Friday!

So for tonight's post I am going to share my Forever 21 wishlist. I could go on a shopping spree in this place! I just placed an order for 1 item [Shocking! I deserve a prize for resisting. Really.] & I cannot wait til it gets here =] ]. Until it does I'll just dream of these fabulous finds..

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Urban OriGinal

Latest shopping wishes from the one & only Urban OG.  Love love love this site! Got a lovely dress from here once that I've worn a few times. Check em out! And these are the gorgeous finds I am dreaming of tonight [when I'm not dreaming of my love of course]. =]

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

There Are No Words

Happy Not-So-Happy Monday!

This will be a nice & simple post of just a few shoes & bags I've been wanting lately. If I ever win the lotto I think I will set a shopping world record.. =]

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Just For Shoe Lovers

I was supposed to do this post along with last night's but I got too tired. That post was way longer than I thought. For this post I am going to share with you these monthly membership shoe sites that have been popping up. I've signed up & went through them & this is just my basic review of each. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

In Love With An Iron Fist ♥

Happy November! Or "NoShaveVember" for the guys..

So I had an urge today to come share with you a bunch of things, I might be doing 3 posts tonight, but first I will share with you one of my FAVORITE brands ever! I've already discussed I have a list of my top places to shop & this one is easily in the top 3 of my faves. So I am going to share this brand with you & show you why they are SO AMAZING!

Iron Fist 

This is the brand I am so in love with! For many reasons but let me just name a few.

First & best reason, they are completely VEGAN! 100%. All products. Not just a few, every single one. That alone counts as 10 reasons why to shop with them. Great fashion, no animal sacrifice. [Note: I said many times, I do not buy anything made with leather or any other animal skins]

Second, the designs are awesome. They are different from most brands I see, & are sure to make me stand out in a crowd.

Third, I hate to look like everyone else. Around where I live, its a sea of Aeropostale & UGGs. I rather be stared at for looking different from you, than be overlooked for looking just like you.

Fourth, they make clothes for men & women, so I can dress my love up in Iron Fist too.

Fifth, a little monster on my shoes makes me happy. =]

Today I was looking through the site & there are so many items on the site I wish I could purchase it is ridiculous. So I am going to share these items with you. This is my Iron Fist Wishlist.

This post is pic heavy, but worth it!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Scene


Hope you all enjoyed your weekend, I sure did. Fun, friends & Halloween planning. This is definitely one of my favorite holidays. The chance to dress up as whatever you want to be & have fun being someone else for a night or two. I already have my 2 costumes planned out & I am super excited to wear them. One of the costumes will be a little bit different but recycled from last year because it was wasted on failed plans & the other is a completely new one. Can't wait! So last night I finally did my Halloween nails. They have been naked for a while & I usually have Halloween nails halfway into October but I slacked this year. I am very excited to share my design with you because I used a product in a way I have yet to see anyone use it in & I am very happy with the result. Its very boo-tiful!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just Fab Bag!

Happy Thursday!

I was supposed to post this on Monday but I tried to do it from my iTouch & it wasn't coming out right then I just didn't get around to it. So here I am now! This post is just going to be a quick review on my purchase & then quick discussion about a storage problem I'm having.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Shopping Sunday! ♥

Good morning. =]

I woke up with a strong urge to shop myself a little happy. Might go pick up these boots I've been wanting. Hopefully. But for now I thought I could share some more of my finds with you. Since I've decided to do these kinds of posts --I also decided to still share my haul posts as they come-- I've been trying to figure out some kind of layout, or format for the posts. Things I could do each time or something.. I guess I will just keep trying different things until I find one I like.

For this post I think I will put up one or two items from each category I have saved, some sites that I like, & I will tell you about any sales I know of on sites that I like. So lets start!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Latest Wishes

Hello hello!

So on this cold Friday I have a little time to kill before I go out later & I was doing my usual email check & seen some sales I wish I had money to shop at & some items I really want. But what else is new, right? Then I remember I am doing these new "Dream Shopping" posts & had to come share with you! So here's what I am wishing for today.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Habits, Tips & other shopping related things.

I'm back already! A friend just gave me an idea for a post. Although I just made a post I wanted to get this out while its fresh in mind.

So basically everyone has their own ways of doing everything. Shopping is one of those things that not everyone does the same. So I thought I would share some of my habits, tips, ideas, etc. with you all.

I will let this post focus on online shopping. This might me a big scrambled mess because I don't know where to start but here it goes.

Back From M.I.A


Okay I completely disappeared from this blog and got super lazy. Mainly because I have been busy. I've bought too many things to update now but I thought maybe another idea for me to do with this blog would be to post things I want & find online.

I have a weird habit of "dream shopping" online, bookmarking sites/pages, wish-listing items & saving the picture of the items onto my computer.  I used to just bookmark pages & go back to them whenever but then I found once the item sells out the page is blank & useless. And I find all these items so beautiful that I WANT to see them over & over as I please. So I started saving the pictures of things I want in a folder on my PC & organizing them by category. I also label them in this format "Store/Site. Brand. Item Name/Description". I guess its very OCD of me to do this at all, especially with the way I organize it but when I have time to kill anyway its not too bad. Plus it turns out to be worth it when I go back & look at all these beautiful things I dream of filling my closet with =]

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

Check This Blog Out

So on my hunt for new blogs to follow, I check the blogs I already follow to see who THEY follow. Sometimes we have similar interests so they like things I would like. Now on my hunt I fell upon this blog -- Kiss An Makeup --. Really love the layout right off the bat. A couple posts down she is doing a giveaway, the prize looks really gorgeous so I entered. Never really entered a giveaway before on a blog but what the heck.

Check out the giveaway here: 

 Have you ever entered blog giveaways? Did you win?

Until next time,
Lovely Shopdict

Glitter French

So I finally used the glitter I got at Michael's on my nails. I love how it looks, real bling & shine, but it was a mess! Glitter is the prettiest mess ever. I even knocked over the tube spilling a lot of it out but I managed to put it back, still, a MESS! So here is the pic, if anyone wants to know my process I will share the journey. Lol

Love love love.

And the mess I made.. 

What do you think, too much bling? Or just not anything special compared to actual glitter polishes?

Until next time,
Lovely Shopdict

Monday, April 18, 2011

My Other Hobby.

Hello cupcakes! Ha ha I dunno. OK so as much as I shop, which is a LOT.. --PS Just ordered a Deux Lux bag should be here in a few days ;D!-- I can't fill this whole blog with just shopping so I decided to share one of the other things I like to do.. my nails! Now compared to nail bloggers out here I am a complete newbie amateur but thats OK because I am just doing it for fun I know I am not a professional.

OK so some back story I started this just as a way to get me to stop biting my nails. Then I started experimenting with the art brushes and trying designs. I got more & more determined to make them look pretty decent and to get better at it. 2 years later I still do them. Take a break for 2 weeks or so once in a while to give my nails a breather, or when I run out of inspiration or patience. I have a system/pattern/signature style. I never do all just a solid color --Except on Halloween I had them black for my werewolf claws--, I always do the middle finger different from the rest even if its something slight --Because nail salons always did a design on the ring finger & I didn't want to be the same, & because my middle finger is seen the most :]--. I started taking photos at the 2nd or 3rd design, and I now have 80 designs. Gonna do my 81st tonight or tomorrow. :] I am gonna share some of my favorite designs because theres way to many to show all. 

So if you're interested in the pics.... 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Kicks!

Excited! While going through my email newsletters I fell upon one from Hot Topic featuring a sale on Converse. --The only sneakers I wear anymore due to my non-leather policy-- So going in I expect it is the blah colors, or in huge sizes only.. but low & behold --whatever that means-- they had 3 of the ones I have been dying for! $20 a piece. All available in my size too! I thought I was gonna order and get an email saying SIKE. We are sold out. Tough noogies. BUT it didn't happen. So here they are...

(as always, heartsare links)
Hot Topic

Monday, April 11, 2011

Frowny face

I feel like a dork blogging to nobody.... :(

Combo Hauls

Okay so I got that Haute Look order I was waiting for, along with the American Eagle & Delia's orders. Then a few days later I went shopping at Mandee's again. Spending way too much. Lets just say I gotta pay it down before I can buy anything else. Bummer. :(. And today I went on a random shop spree at Michael's Craft store, K-Mart & Marshalls. Lots of stuff to share! YAY!

--Click the hearts for their website, if available--

Lets start with the Haute Look order I was dying for.

Haute Look -

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Super Haul!

This first real entry is going to be a BIG one. I have a lot of things I want to discuss and a few shopping trips from the past week that I am going to share since I haven't put them away yet. I shop and tend to leave things in the shopping bags for a while for many reasons.. space, no time to go through it and put away neatly, want to try on things before putting away, etc. SO lets get started!

All together

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Officially set up!

I finally finished tweaking my design & layout. Now I am too tired to post something worthy but excited to get started!