Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy Haulidays!

Ok everyone I am ready to share my hauls with you from the past 2 months? I finallyy got my new phone which means a good quality camera that actually shows these beautiful things off the way they should be. So there is a lot to show, I will be breaking it up into 2 posts. Also, since some of this stuff was bought over a month ago I don't have prices for everything but whatever info I do have I will share. Haul time part 1!

Iron Fist Sale!

I'm back!

I have been off blogger for a while. Haven't even really been keeping up with the blogs I follow. Been in a bit of a funk. A long one. But I came across something that I wanted to share because it is just that awesome. I definitely did some shopping. Made my "funk" a bit better =) So if you love sales & Iron Fist, this is a great post for you!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Save The Puppys!

Yet another sad story. There are so many issues when it comes to animal cruelty. It really breaks my heart. If I ever get one wish, even only one, I'd wish to end all animal cruelty, abuse & torture all over the world. No hesitation. It needs to stop.

This is about internet sellers of puppies who aren't held to the same regulations as stores and are subjecting puppies to horrible conditions. Things like this are one of the reasons PETA & other animal humane companies urge you to ADOPT! DO NOT BUY FROM  A PET SHOP. TRY TO ADOPT! Just as there are plenty of children in need of homes, there are many animals who need to be adopted. The difference is, the animals who don't get adopted, are put down. So here's the video showing the conditions these puppies are being put through.

And this is the link to send the Secretary of Agriculture at the USDA a message asking him to fix this loophole immediately. The Humane Society has already written part of the message for you & you can customize the rest as you like or just sign your name. Obviously a personal message has more meaning but anything is better than nothing. Please take action to help these poor puppies. Its a great way to spend 2 minutes of your time.

Until next time,
Lovely Shopdict

PLEASE, I beg you. Read this. [FIXED!]

Another sad post. I received an email about this heartbreaking story. Something more important than fashion, and shopping, and shoes... Just reading it brought me to tears. I know I am a bigger animal lover than most, but I think if you can watch that video & not be affected by it, you probably don't have a heart. Or soul. Please send an email to the airline & ask them to stop supporting this torture. PETA gives you an email form with a draft message already typed up. All you have to do is  click the link above & add your name. It takes 15 seconds. PLEASE do this. The same as the last post, I will follow & promote anyone who sends the email, just let me know you did.

And if you think this isn't worth your 15 seconds, try watching this video. I BET it will change your mind. If it doesn't, maybe you shouldn't be on my blog. Because I like to share things with people that actually have a heart.

Until next time,
Lovely Shopdict