Sunday, December 18, 2011

Iron Fist Sale!

I'm back!

I have been off blogger for a while. Haven't even really been keeping up with the blogs I follow. Been in a bit of a funk. A long one. But I came across something that I wanted to share because it is just that awesome. I definitely did some shopping. Made my "funk" a bit better =) So if you love sales & Iron Fist, this is a great post for you!

As I've posted, I am a member of Just Fab. I check the site when my new selections come in, or when they get new "Exclusive Collections" available. On one of my visits to the site I see they got in some more products by Iron Fist. I hurry to look at what they have, because I missed out last time they had some Iron Fist for sale, and I see they have plenty! They have shoes & bags for sale. I like the shoes but none were at the top of my GIVE ME THEM NOW list, but in the bags, oh my! I seen they had some bags that are retailed by Iron Fist for $80 & $100 dollars!! A $100 bag for $39.95?! You know I jumped on this. I placed an order for four items. I really shouldn't have but I honestly wanted 6, & cut it down to 4, so I think I did okay. =) So here is the link to sign up with Just Fab, if you haven't already. And from there you click on Exclusive Collections, and then the Iron Fist banner [shown in the next pic]. HURRY because these great items & this crazy low price won't last long! I learned my lesson last time.

Now here is the four items I ordered, and then the other 2 I wanted but had to cut from my order =( I took screenshots from Just Fab to show you, these items really are still only $39.95 even though they go for more at Iron Fist. Some of these I even shared on my previous post!

 Tough Rider Handbag
Price at Iron Fist: $50. [No longer available on IF site]

Barrio Bag
Price at Iron Fist: $100!! [No longer available at IF]

Kiss Of Death Duffle Bag
Price at Iron Fist: $100! 

Ruff Rider Handbag
Price at Iron Fist: $70

Now the 2 items I also wanted but didn't get =(

Manslayer Platform
Price at Iron Fist: $50 

Loose Lips Large Duffle
Price at Iron Fist: $80 

So you see some of these are huge price drops! Go check it out ASAP! 

When my order arrives I will be sure to share with you! Can't wait! Items I've been wanting at great prices, PLUS they are all Vegan! Couldn't be happier! =)

Until next time,
Lovely Shopdict

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