Wednesday, December 7, 2011

PLEASE, I beg you. Read this. [FIXED!]

Another sad post. I received an email about this heartbreaking story. Something more important than fashion, and shopping, and shoes... Just reading it brought me to tears. I know I am a bigger animal lover than most, but I think if you can watch that video & not be affected by it, you probably don't have a heart. Or soul. Please send an email to the airline & ask them to stop supporting this torture. PETA gives you an email form with a draft message already typed up. All you have to do is  click the link above & add your name. It takes 15 seconds. PLEASE do this. The same as the last post, I will follow & promote anyone who sends the email, just let me know you did.

And if you think this isn't worth your 15 seconds, try watching this video. I BET it will change your mind. If it doesn't, maybe you shouldn't be on my blog. Because I like to share things with people that actually have a heart.

Until next time,
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Josie said...

This is absolutely heartbreaking! Well done for raising awareness of this issue! xx

Yasmeen said...

The link doesn't lead me anywhere =[ I want to help...This is upsetting. Bleh...