Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Kicks!

Excited! While going through my email newsletters I fell upon one from Hot Topic featuring a sale on Converse. --The only sneakers I wear anymore due to my non-leather policy-- So going in I expect it is the blah colors, or in huge sizes only.. but low & behold --whatever that means-- they had 3 of the ones I have been dying for! $20 a piece. All available in my size too! I thought I was gonna order and get an email saying SIKE. We are sold out. Tough noogies. BUT it didn't happen. So here they are...

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Hot Topic

Packaged oh so nicely!

Black & White high tops with attached pink leg warmer. Can go up or fold down.

Grey & White Convees with attached Purple leg warmer. LOVE LOVE LOVE
Both of the leg warmer converse were originally $59.99 now on sale for $19.99. 
Still on sale as I am posting this, April 16th. Not sure when it ends.
Sale also includes some Vans.

Fuchsia X-Hi Converse. Originally $59.99.
These can be folded up and laced as X-Hi mid calf style or folded down. I have this style in another color & love them. Pic: My Other X-Hi Convees.
Another mega deal getting these Fuchsia ones for $19.99.

I also got a covered pyramid stud wristband. No pic & can't find it on the site. It was $6.98. So the subtotal was $66.95. plus S&H + Tax ($8.07) Which comes to $75.02 but I found a discount code for 20% off so it came down to $61.63! Considering each sneaker was originally $59.99 that is FABULOUS! I love shiet like that!

Oh & if you are wondering, I get my discount codes from either the store/brand's newsletters/emails etc. and/or When I am ordering online I check if the site offers email subscriptions and sign up before I order. Some places give you order codes right away just for signing up. Then I check RetailMeNot or just Google "blah blah discount codes". But the first two options are the most successful. Not always but pretty often you can find SOMETHING.

Anyone see these leg warmer converse on the street before? 
What would you wear with them?
Do you usually use or look for discount codes?

Until next time,
Lovely Shopdict

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Cupcake Couture said...

Hahaha, I loved your comment. And I'm glad to see someone else would stand their ground as well. I agree! My happiness is worth fighting for, that's the best thing I heard in a while! :D

I completely agree with you, if you and your brother aren't close, why include? I mean my fiance is definitely not close with my brother, and my fiance should have people representing him who is CLOSE with him and love and care for him, not somebody up there just because someone is forcing my brother up there. Makes me so mad.

I hope when the time comes you do stand up for yourself. It's so hard. Harder than I thought.

I want to thank you so much for reading and taking the time to respond, I really appreciate it. :)