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My Other Hobby.

Hello cupcakes! Ha ha I dunno. OK so as much as I shop, which is a LOT.. --PS Just ordered a Deux Lux bag should be here in a few days ;D!-- I can't fill this whole blog with just shopping so I decided to share one of the other things I like to do.. my nails! Now compared to nail bloggers out here I am a complete newbie amateur but thats OK because I am just doing it for fun I know I am not a professional.

OK so some back story I started this just as a way to get me to stop biting my nails. Then I started experimenting with the art brushes and trying designs. I got more & more determined to make them look pretty decent and to get better at it. 2 years later I still do them. Take a break for 2 weeks or so once in a while to give my nails a breather, or when I run out of inspiration or patience. I have a system/pattern/signature style. I never do all just a solid color --Except on Halloween I had them black for my werewolf claws--, I always do the middle finger different from the rest even if its something slight --Because nail salons always did a design on the ring finger & I didn't want to be the same, & because my middle finger is seen the most :]--. I started taking photos at the 2nd or 3rd design, and I now have 80 designs. Gonna do my 81st tonight or tomorrow. :] I am gonna share some of my favorite designs because theres way to many to show all. 

So if you're interested in the pics.... 

I apologize now the pics are the suckiest quality because I always use cell cameras. I really need an actual camera.

This is the first pic I took of my nails. My 3rd design. 8.11.08

This is my 7th design. 10.18.08. This was just a simple design rocking my HS colors to go to a football game with people (I had already graduated) to see a friend play.

This was an attempt at the Blink182 CD cover. It looked better in person, camera ruined it.
9th Design. 10.28.08

Halloween week nails. Spider webs are my fave part of this one. The middle fingers are supposed to be mummy wrappings. Lol one looks ok the other is eh. Had to re-do the eh one which was GOOD but got smudged.
10th Design. 10.29.08

This is the design I did for halloween day to go with my Sailor costume. I think the anchor came out pretty good. 11th Design. 10.31.08

Guitar Hero nails. The camera doesn't capture it but the guitar had the colored buttons from the Guitar Hero guitar. LOVE the guitar. Wasn't that easy to shape without looking weird. Then just music notes on lines on the other nails. 
13th design. 11.6.08

Prob my top fave of all. Victoria's Secret nails. Inspired by the gift card shown. Took a WHILE to get those stripes even & straight. Especially doing my right hand. Love them tho.
 16th Design. 12.5.08

I really love designs on naked nails. Something about them. Just love. 
17th Design. 12.9.08

The checkered pattern was another challenge to get used to. Making them even etc. Love the look tho.
19th Design. 1.14.09

Tip designs are another one I love. I get excited when all my nails are long enough to do tip designs. ;]
#22. 2.4.09

 Reminds me of some 80's Barbie I had. Love the zigzag.
#23. 2.25.09

This is another that looked better in person. The colors kind of blended together instead of obvious stripes, it looked cute as heck to me.
#24. 3.4.09

Another 80's feeling to me. Love the bright on black. Nails were getting long here.
#26. 3.16.09

Simple tip design. Tend to be my favorite, the easiest simplest designs. ;]
#30. 4.20.09

Shooting heart. Cause shooting stars are normal. ;]
#32. 4.30.09

Similar to the red & pink blended tip I did. (#24) but with light spring colors. Took a while for the middle finger. Even worse, the next day I got my new Mirror nail polish & I was so excited to try it that I only left this design on for 3 days. Lol.
#34. 5.12.09

Burberry inspired. Never wear anything burberry. Not even too crazy for the brand but I do like their signature pattern. Seen a scarf with the design & I liked it so much I did this. Pretty proud of it. Took some time due to the over lapping & detail. One of my top 10 faves easy.
#37. 5.28.09

Simple 5 dot flowers I love (Thanks Aunt Ronnie<3). Get a Hawaii feel from these. & the pic just so happens do show my other love, Dane Cook!
#38. 6.3.09

First ever leopard. Had to make this tan color by mixing I don't remember what. & the spots are gold glitter. Pretty good for my first attempt.
#40. 6.18.09

Playing around trying to differ the plaid design got me to this.
#41. 6.22.09

Red, White & Blue for J 4th. Stripes & Glitter. ;]
#42. 7.2.09

 Just wanted to do polka dots but putting the black dots to differ the middle made these seem like Minnie Mouse nails.
#43. 7.9.09

Just wanted to use this new glittered out polish. Simple is best. ;]
#44. 7.16.09

Polka dot tip design. Difference on middle was just bigger dots.
#46. 7.27.09

 Two color split french.
#47. 8.3.09
One of my top ten fave. Love the checkers. Seems like referee/racetrack nails. ?
#48. 8.24.09

Hard to see, bad color choices, but I got the blue polish, wanted to try it out so just to put something on the middle I did a heart with a "pulse line" coming out of it.. Gotta redo the pulse line on an easier to see color.
#49. 9.8.09

Halloween Spirit nails. Stitched up middle finger.
#50. 10.11.09

Halloween week nails. Just a mash up of colors thrown on. I LOVEDDD how it looked in person, may not translate well in this photo but I loved it. Got a lot of compliments too. Wanna redo this but when I tried it didn't seem to work as well. Maybe meant to be a one time only thing. ;[
#51. 10.22.09

Kind of redoing the previous design but with similar colors, I wasn't crazyyy about it but I kinda like it.
#53. 11.26.09

Basket weave? Forget what you call that design.
#54. 12.16.09

First tiger stripes ;]
#58. 1.25.10

Neon leopard spots on naked nails. Love.
#59. 4.7.10

I discovered rhinestones! Supposed to be a lightening bolt. Some could see it, some couldn't. Eh. I liked it.
#60. 6.21.10

Poker face nails. Top 5 fave. Just love the heart on this. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Wanted to keep this one for weeks. --I only really copied the heart from the poker face design. The rest was hard to see well--
#61. 6.29.10

Light vs Dark. Just simple dots for my return to nails.
#63. 9.9.10 --took a long break!--

Returning to rhinestones! X on middle, black solid on the rest.
#64. 9.27.10

Halloween spirit nails. LOVE LOVE. Seen these eyes at the craft store & jokingly said I should use these on my nails. Then it was like "YOU SHOULD!". Got a lot of compliments on these. Had to re-attach 1 of the eyes a few times through the week. Little bugger just didn't wanna stick!
#65. 10.17.10

Nails for my cat that passed away ;[
#66. 11.27.10

LACE! & some fishnet. I forget where the material came from. Something I had around the house that just sparked a mission. I've heard of lace nails but this was kinda different because the darker parts are thicker, it wasn't flat like lace is. So it didn't stick as well, and you couldn't top coat it because the material absorbed the polish & it looked horrible. Played around with this a lot before I got it right but I liked it a lot. Only lasted 3 days lol.
#67. 12.2.10

Tiger striped. Love bright green.
#68. 12.5.10

Holoraphic silver with fade (or as I said, frozen) to blue holo on the middle. Got the Milani holographic & just wanted to try it out. These were my first holo polishes. ;]
#69. 12.22.10
--Side note: one of my friends got upset I didn't do a sex theme nail for my 69th design. Lmao--

Snow Particles! Milani Blue Holo w/ my attempt at snow flakes.
#70. 12.24.10

New Years! Black with chunky silver glitter. Simple last minute stuff.
#71. 12.31.10

Mint tips with silver criss cross.
#72. 1.13.11

 Striped tips. Just trying out 2 new colors, the pink & green, I got for x-mas.
#73. 1.18.11

 Had no inspiration this week so tip polka dots. Love the light purple on this tho.
#74. 1.31.11

 Gold Holo with tiger stripes.
#76. 2.10.11

 Gold holo again with black stripes.
#78. 3.30.11

My first nudeish polish --Essie Sand Tropez-- Mattified --w/ the Essie Rock & Republic Matte finisher in my 2nd haul post I believe.-- Two new polishes to try out so I combined. Love the matte!
#79. 4.9.11

Showing my used polishes in the pic. Mattified the black & did drippy? green holo on tips. Like this design more than I thought I would. This is what I have on now.
#80. 4.12.11

So those are the designs I really liked from my 80. If anyone gives a heck about this post I will do another with pics of my nails I did for friends & attempts at designs, which include my favorite, a MINION! from my Despicable Me phase. ;] Also I might just post my nail designs as they come from now on, if anyone is interested.

If any of you do your nails please share! I love to see other peoples designs & ideas.

Until next time,
Lovely Shopdict

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