Monday, April 11, 2011

Combo Hauls

Okay so I got that Haute Look order I was waiting for, along with the American Eagle & Delia's orders. Then a few days later I went shopping at Mandee's again. Spending way too much. Lets just say I gotta pay it down before I can buy anything else. Bummer. :(. And today I went on a random shop spree at Michael's Craft store, K-Mart & Marshalls. Lots of stuff to share! YAY!

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Lets start with the Haute Look order I was dying for.

Haute Look -

2 Essie "Clearly Matte" Matte Finisher Special Edition with Rock & Republic,
& Rock & Republic Luxe Lip Gloss in "Trust Fund"

-Essie, Clearly Matte. On Sale $3.60. (Reguarly around $10. Thats why I got 2.)
Link to Essie Matte About You (Original Version, Around $7): Matte About You

-Rock & Republic Luxe Lipgloss in Trust Fund. Sale- $7.80 (Reg $26)
Haute Look sale is no longer available. They rotate sales. Its an awesome site! Sign up!

American Eagle -
-AE Rugby Stripe Tote. Sale, $24.95 (Reg. $29.50)
Link: Rugby Tote

-AE Biker Chain Necklace. Sale $9.95 (Reg $15.50)

Delia's -
-Aldous Snow Rock God Tee. Sale, $14.99 (Reg. $24.50)

-Cecille Animal Print Scarf. Sale, $7.99 (Reg. $19.50)
Link: Scarf

Mandees -
-Fun & Flirt by Japna {That's what the tag says}. $24.00
Bought in store, didn't see it online.

-3 Racer/Lace back tanks. $9.99 each.

-Crop Shirt, says ROCK in silver on front. 
Lost receipt, don't know price.

-MLB NY Yankees Tank with all over sheer Yankee logo. $32.00

-Manicure Set. Clearance for a few dollars. Needed a new one

Michael's -
Went in here to get things for my nail art adventures :)
-Various Acrylic Paints. $.75 - $2.00 I believe
Wanna try these on my nails. Especially the Glow In The Dark

-Elmer's Clear School Glue. Unsure of price.

-Multiple packs of 2mm rhinestones. $2 each

-Fairy Sparkle Fine Glitter. Unsure of price.
Have a gorgeous plan for these, just hope it works as I see it in my mind

-Craft scissors. Pack of 3, $5. Seperate 2, $2 each.
Love the crazy edges.. I have plans for these babies!

K-Mart -
All Together

-Tresemme Shampoo, Climate Control Mousse, Lightweight hold mousse & Refreshing Mist.
Each around $4.50 - $5.50.
I J'adore Tresemme. The stuff always smells delish & they don't test on animals. That is the most important factor for me.

-Freeman Facial Clay Mask. Unsure of price.
Seen a couple good reviews on this, hope its as good as they made it seem. It sure smells awesome though..

-Biore Moisture Lotion. $ - ?
Sorry I shared a receipt with someone I don't know the prices for these things.

-Biore Makeup Removing Towelettes. Sale 2 for $10. (Reg $7.50 each)
J'Adore Biore. Another animal friendly brand :)

And lastly!

Marshalls -
-For Every Body "Birthday Cake" Candle. $5.99 (Reg $12)
& Yankee Candle World Journeys Pacific Coconut Candle. $7.99. (Reg. $14)
These are my go-to favorite scents. And Vanilla. Love love love.

OH! and I went to CVS to pickup a new foundation that was recommended to me. Revlon Colorstay. CVS had a BOGO 50% off on Revlon so I picked up the foundation & a primer. I was using ELF Primer (my first ever primer. Was addicted to the feel :]) & Clinique Even Better foundation. But I am glad I tried the Revlon. I LOVE it! Revlon is animal friendly, it was cheaper than my Clinique (they are animal friendly too tho), and it is just awesome. It looks a bit more dewy than the Clinique ever did & I highly prefer it. Clinique I am sorry but I am replacing you! For anyone interested just google Revlon Colorstay reviews. Many bloggers posted reviews & videos about the product.

Here's one about MAC vs Revlon. A Must See! MAC vs Revlon - Youtube

OK nowww I am finished. What a haul. Once again. Now you see why I call this a Shopdiction. ;)

Anyone seen or have any of these items? Where do you guys go for basic wardrobe pieces, hobby supplies or beauty products?

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