Saturday, March 26, 2011

Super Haul!

This first real entry is going to be a BIG one. I have a lot of things I want to discuss and a few shopping trips from the past week that I am going to share since I haven't put them away yet. I shop and tend to leave things in the shopping bags for a while for many reasons.. space, no time to go through it and put away neatly, want to try on things before putting away, etc. SO lets get started!

All together

Target - 
-Paul Frank socks $7, Xhilaration socks $1! I always get some of the $1 socks when I go to Target. Who ever has too many socks?Nobody.

-Linea Pelle Wallets. $14.99 each.

Link: Linea Pelle

 Duane Reade.

 {This is where my digital camera went banana sandwich on me & I had to switch to my phone's camera. So I apologize for the crappy picture quality from here on}

-OPI polishes. $8.50 each. Glitzerland (gold glitter) and Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous (dark grey glitter).
I really think $8.50 for nail polish is a lot for basic colors.. I will only spend the money if the color is something special, glittery, holographic etc. The Glitzerland is a gorgeous gold glitter packed love in a bottle. Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous is a dark grey/charcoal colored glitter polish. Love them both!

-Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover. Think I paid $6 and change, not sure and I have no clue where the receipt is right now. I read a review on it and decided it was worth a try.
{I am into doing my own nails. Might make a second blog for that :)}

 -Seche Vite top coat. $9 I believe. Never tried this before either but I hear so much about it I had to get it for my next mani. 

M.A.C - 

-MAC Dazzleglass in Sugarrimmed. $18.50
Link: Dazzleglass

OK so I was down on Fifth Ave and wandered off to the MAC store (first time, I am not a makeup girl) and decided to splurge & try this dazzleglass I hear so much about. Just as I do with nail polish, spending $20 on lipgloss seems a bit much to me, but I had to see what the fuss was all about. I just assumed most girls got & raved about this just for the designer label & blah blah. I actually love my $2 lipglosses. Think I have one that was $7 but it was too gorgeous to not get it. And it is now my favorite! So I took a chance with this MAC. Compared to my favorite $7 gloss, its pretty much the same. Beautiful, shimmery, slightly sticky. I like it a lot but I honestly don't understand the MAC Lipglass fuss. I won't be spending $20 on another, maybe if its on sale for half that.. otherwise this will be my first and last. I am in too much debt to blow $20 on lipgloss.

Forever 21 - 
-I {Lips} Boys cosmetic bag. Clearance $3. I needed a new bag for my purse. I carry a lot of lipgloss & chapstick with me for who knows what reason and I needed a bigger bag for it. Plus this is cuter than my current one. {Think I might do a "Whats in your bag" post soon!}

-Goofy sweatshirt. $19.80.
I bought this a size bigger because I like my sweatshirts to be a bit looser, and if they are wide neck I make them a off shoulder sweater. :)
Link: Goofy

-Grey & White stripe one shoulder top. $13.80. Paper in pocket because my sucky cam couldn't show the pocket otherwise. Haven't tried this on yet to see how it fits but I love it anyway!

Victoria's Secret - 
-PINK Lace Racerback Bra. $36.50. LOVE this. So excited I actually found one in store. Camera doesn't show its color too well. Its a cute highlighter neon yellow. Closer to the second pic than then first. LOVE. IT.

 -Supermodel eau de parfum. On Sale for $24.50. (Regularly $49 for this size). Soon as I seen the sale price I had to get it. I ran out a while ago & never get around to buying more when the Semi Sale hits {I am too caught up with everything else!}
Link: Supermodel

-Assorted Panties all by PINK. 7 for $25.50.  Everytime I see the 7 for 25 instead of the usual 5 for 25, I stock up. 
Link: VS PINK Panties  -7 for 25 online now until 3/28/11

 -Green & Grey striped racerback tank. $22.50.  Loved the colors. Thats all reason I need.
Link to clearance colors: Clearance Striped Tank  (Purple/White & Pink/White, $14.99)

 -White crop top by PINK. 2 for $24. 
Sold out online :( Try in stores!

 -Grey Raglan Crewneck by PINK, 2 for $24. I wear these as an off the shoulder top. 

 -Black Tunic by PINK. 2 for $24.  This fits loose and thigh length. Comfy as all heck.
Sold out online :(

 -Purple Crop Top by PINK. 2 for $24.  Love crop tops.

-Grey crewneck sweater by PINK. $39.50.  Love the leopard. Also wear this as a off the shoulder. {Love that style if you can't tell :)}
Link (no more grey online): Crewneck Sweater

-PINK distressed denim shorts. $39.50.  Love PINK Denim. Period.

-PINK Push-Up Bra with Heart Mesh. $44.50.   The mesh detail on this is gorgeous. Can't tell thanks to my crap cam.
I got this along with a PINK Multi-way Push up in black, $36.50, (<3) that I had to replace thanks to my pets chewing habits :(. Had a $10 off a bra coupon too! :)

{Tip from a Shopdict: Always sign up for catalogs, e-mail & mail from your favorite brands/stores. Most of em send out coupon codes now & then, tips on sales or just updates on new stock & events}

Mandees - 

-Steve Madden Ruffle Zipper Clutch. On Sale $18.99 (from $36.99). A nice silverish grey. Love it. Love Steve Madden. Gonna get the black one too :)

-Small Cherry change purse, & small wristlet. Cherry change purse was $3 or $4.. not sure. Black wristlet was clearance $5.99 (from $8). I intended on both of them being change purses.. thats all.
Link to studded wristlet: Studded Wristlet

 -Simple Pleasures Vanilla Orchid Body Lotion. Sale $2.49 (from $4.99) 
I have wayyy too many lotions but this smelled so good, I couldn't resist.

-Mix bracelets. $8.00.
Silver bead & "pearl" bracelets. Wanted it just for the pearly ones, to go with a necklace I have.

 -Mandees Times Square nail polish. Sale $1.49 (from $2.99)
I just loved the glitter colors.

-Assorted earrings. Stud, Horseshow & Bow. 2 for $10. (bought same one for a little miss too) 

 -Rhinestone pocket mirror. Sale $4.64 (from $6) Love the look. Have a similar one in a heart shape that cracked a bit so I just wanted a backup for when that one is dunzo. 
Link to similar (this design not sold online) Heart Compact Mirror - Red  (Check out site for silver & black mirrors too)

-Animal print dress. Believe it was $30 something. Went in the store to pay my bill & bought this.. -__- I can't help myself! Looks kinda boxy but on, it looks awesome.

 -Braided Handle Tote. $28.  Just cute.

 -Rampage "Cullen" Double Shoulder Tote. Sale $29.99 (Reg. $98!!)
I seen this on the site & fell in love! I waited a bit hoping the price would drop before it sold out & I lucked out big time. This bag is the best. Non-leather, a gorgeous chocolate brown, big & roomy, a great sale purchase.. what else is there?!
Heres a link to the bag on another site (its no longer on

-Steve Madden Twisted Stud Hobo. Sale $27.49 (Reg $54.99. Steve Madden tag says Retail $88). My instant new favorite bag. I love Steve Madden. This bag is non-leather, roomy, studded which I adore!, and again a mega sale purchase. J'adore it.

 -Materialistic Chic Lace Racerback tank. $24.  Too cute.

-"Pearl" Necklace. $10. Extra long!
Link: Necklace

 -Sheer Floral Scarf. $10. Might be a gift for someone..

-Arianna by Concepts Picture Frame. Sale $4.99 (Reg $10). Just cause.. :)

-Animal Print Racerback Tank. Sale $11.99 (Reg $24)
I have this but its is in the laundry & unavailable for photos. :) Brown with Grommet detailing on front. Back is animal print. Lovely. Check it out to see the back view.

FINALLY FINISHED! What a tiring entry. Lordy me.. I think that's all the new things from the past week or so..  Next haul will be when my Delias & Hautelook orders come in :D Excited!!

I hope this post entertained you, interested you in some sites & products and maybe {hopefully} inspired you to maintain your shopping to a healthy level, because this is outrageous!

Let me know!
What (if anything) you liked, loved, have, want, seen, anything!

Until next time,
Lovely Shopdict


Tamara said...

omg thats a massive haul girl! I love victoria secret wish they had it in UK, and forever 21 omg...pure love heheeehe....great post. following ;)

TheeFknGoddess said...

I need sum $ so i can do my first haul post! lol
Nice stuff though :)

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