Monday, October 3, 2011

Back From M.I.A


Okay I completely disappeared from this blog and got super lazy. Mainly because I have been busy. I've bought too many things to update now but I thought maybe another idea for me to do with this blog would be to post things I want & find online.

I have a weird habit of "dream shopping" online, bookmarking sites/pages, wish-listing items & saving the picture of the items onto my computer.  I used to just bookmark pages & go back to them whenever but then I found once the item sells out the page is blank & useless. And I find all these items so beautiful that I WANT to see them over & over as I please. So I started saving the pictures of things I want in a folder on my PC & organizing them by category. I also label them in this format "Store/Site. Brand. Item Name/Description". I guess its very OCD of me to do this at all, especially with the way I organize it but when I have time to kill anyway its not too bad. Plus it turns out to be worth it when I go back & look at all these beautiful things I dream of filling my closet with =]

So now I was thinking of making posts sharing these things with you, maybe a few from different categories at a time [though most of my saved photos are shoes & bags].. just to share the beauty. And when I shop here & there I will post that as well.

I admit a big part of my laziness & disappearance from the blog is because of the lack of following & response. But I guess if the views are active that's good enough reason to share, though I would really appreciate some acknowledgement of life out there that is paying some spec of attention to me. =D

So now to start off the new post topic I will share with you things I just ordered last night that I am highly anxious to receive.

These are shoes I ordered from an AMAZING site called Beyond The Rack. --If you don't know about this site its fantastic! You go here to sign up, its totally FREE & they email you when they have new sales coming & currently going on & the selection is AMAZING & the prices are UNBELIEVEABLE. Great discounts on big brands. Check it out!--
So the site told me I had a $15 credit I think from sign up & first order, & we know I couldn't let that go to waste! So I browsed their booties sale & found these I just had to have. So much that I used a credit card I really shouldn't be using.

These are both by Misbehave.

This one is labeled as " Carissa 2 Bootie". $29.99

 These are labeled as "Sahara 2 Lace Up Bootie". Also $29.99

I love them both! My $15.00 credit covered the shipping & taxes which may not seem like a lot but it does make a difference. So my order totaled to $59.81. Not bad for two gorgeous pairs of shoes. I haven't found these on another site yet to compare the prices but with Beyond The Rack you know you're getting a deal!

So next I ordered this bag from --Another awesome site so far! Click the link to sign up. No obligation to buy as soon as you sign up. Membership starts after your first purchase & there is no required monthly fee or purchase you can skip the month if you wish.-- I just recently signed up found this bag & seen there was a one day offer for half off first item so I had to get it!

Scout Handbag. $39.95 (as all items are)

With the 50% off sale the bag was $19.97. Plus the site is always free shipping so that was my order total! Love it!

So excited for these purchases to come in. I guess that's all for this post hope it was enjoyed please give me any feedback you have I would highly appreciate it. Also if you have similar blogs on shopping, bags, shoes, clothes etc. leave me a link & I will check it out!

Until next time,
Lovely Shopdict

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