Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just Fab Bag!

Happy Thursday!

I was supposed to post this on Monday but I tried to do it from my iTouch & it wasn't coming out right then I just didn't get around to it. So here I am now! This post is just going to be a quick review on my purchase & then quick discussion about a storage problem I'm having.

So I placed my order on October 2nd, & received it on the 10th. Not too bad at all. Very happy with the shipping time. It came packaged very nicely, the bag was wrapped & had those air bag things so it doesn't move around much during shipping. They also gave me a card telling me about their jewelry & such.


The front. Very cute. Has a briefcase feel to it.


Turn the lock & the flap opens to access the main body of the bag.

Two small pockets in front have magnetic closures. Both sides have adjustable snap straps to adjust the width of the bag if you need more room. You can see I opened one on the left to show you. Inside the bag was the optional adjustable shoulder strap.

Inside has a swirly print. And the usual zipper pocket inside, you can see the black zipper in the pic

Across the middle is another zipper pocket, separating the main body into two sections. That is what I am holding open in the picture. Then on the second side is two open pockets, also pretty standard with most handbags.

The back of the bag also has another zippered pocket. Again pretty standard with a lot of bags.

I noticed that the bag has no designer label or signature anywhere, which leads me to believe Just Fab has these bags made just for them. Don't know if the same goes with the shoes, but for this bag it seems to be JustFab's creation.
Sorry if my descriptions aren't understandable, I get stuck trying to describe things sometimes. Hope you can tell what I meant. So overall I am happy with the bag. It doesn't feel really cheap or flimsy. I am definitely going to order from again. Hopefully soon. I already have my eye on some things. You guys should sign up. You can look right away without having to buy anything. Your membership starts after your first purchase, and you can skip the month if you don't want to buy something. No obligation to buy or minimum to spend. Let me know if you sign up & what you find in your personal selections!

Another thing I wanted to blog was I am trying to find storage for my bags. I have them all hung up but I ran out of room for that and its leaving the handles mishaped. Any ideas on ways to store bags? I currently don't have any shelves for them, maybe one I am going to try to work tonight but other than that I don't really have any space. =[ All ideas are welcome & appreciated, or even better, photos of how you store your bags! Yes that's a genius idea. Lets do that! =]

Until next time,
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Jerrica said...

I need a place to store my bags like this shop!

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Sally said...

Me too! I can only dream..

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love your blog <3