Sunday, October 9, 2011

Shopping Sunday! ♥

Good morning. =]

I woke up with a strong urge to shop myself a little happy. Might go pick up these boots I've been wanting. Hopefully. But for now I thought I could share some more of my finds with you. Since I've decided to do these kinds of posts --I also decided to still share my haul posts as they come-- I've been trying to figure out some kind of layout, or format for the posts. Things I could do each time or something.. I guess I will just keep trying different things until I find one I like.

For this post I think I will put up one or two items from each category I have saved, some sites that I like, & I will tell you about any sales I know of on sites that I like. So lets start!

As always, all ♥'s are links.

Sites I love!

Well for this first post I guess I can share my go to sites. These are all sites I check constantly & shop at the most. In no special order at all.
  1. Victoria's Secret  - This place is my ADDICTION. I check the site daily, I use my Angel card all the time, I cannot go in the store without money to shop.. it hurts. Definitely my favorite store hands down.
  2. Forever 21  - I love F21 for their jewelry. I love bs jewelry. Cheap, fun, cute, basic stuff that I can have fun mixing together. Plus they are all so affordable. A lot of there stuff is only $1.50. In store & online. I check this site twice weekly. I also love their shoes & bags. I've only gotten one pair of shoes from them to date but I love them. I don't like that they don't come with a shoe box though. Bummer. Still LOVE LOVE LOVE F21!
  3. Charlotte Russe  - I check here often for shoes, bags & jewelry. I could spend so much money here its  ridiculous. LOVE this store.
  4. American Eagle  - I wasn't a fan of this store, until I got a credit card with them. Then they started carrying gorgeous Deux Lux handbags & I fell in love.
  5. Mandees  - Mandees is a hit or miss kinda place. I can usually find something I want but there are times when you score big. I've gotten gorgeous Steve Madden things from here for super cheap. A big handbag --now one of my favorites-- for just under $20, a clutch for around the same price, & my 2 favorite pairs of heels for around $45-$50 each. Huge sales! Right now the site is having a sale on whatever is left, basically things they need to get rid of for their new stuff to come in. But I check in often! 
  6. Iron Fist  - I ADORE this brand. They are completely vegan which is awesome for me, & their style is different from most so you wear their stuff & are sure to stand out. I currently only own 1 pair of shoes from them but that will change ASAP. Love love LOVE them!
  7. Etsy  - I could spend hours on here. If you don't know about Etsy you need to go look! Its is a site featuring all things Handmade & Vintage. They also sell supplies. I go here for the Handmade things. They are so beautiful & unique. I wish I had talent to make some of the things I find here. I adore this site. I've only gotten one thing from here, but I didn't even get it through here, I got it through Fred Flare , which got it from Etsy. I have to share that with you one day. Cutest thing. So anyway I adore Etsy with a PASSION.
  8. Fred Flare  - Fred Flare has some unique & amazing things. I love them. Have purchased from once or twice. Adore adore adore! If you like things that aren't so mainstream & average, check out Fred Flare!
All of these sites I've listed are currently having a sale except Etsy --Where all items are priced at each sellers liking-- & Fred Flare & Iron Fist, but FF & IF does have some wonderful things in their normal sale section. So go check them all out!!

Now to help you understand what I mean when I say I save pictures of items I am going to show you a few screen shots of my folders.

Okay this is the main Shop folder with sub-folders for different categories. --I like to organize--. You can see there are a lot of categories. The "I WANT IT" folder is for things I am obsessed with & will try to buy ASAP. All the items that aren't in a folder are for when I don't want to jump around folder to folder to save everything so I save it all in the main shop folder & then put it where it belongs later.

And this is what the Shoes folder looks like. This must be the most filled one, but I am not sure. You can see this folder also has a sub-folder titled "Pretty, But NO". This folder is for things that are made with genuine leather or suede & I refuse to buy, but they are still gorgeous. I dream of one day having a private designer to make anything I want for me, who will make these things with all Vegan materials. =] So you can also see the format of which I save all items so they are very organized. There are sometimes doubles if I find an item in different places, so that if one sells out I can check the other. You can also see the 3rd shoe isn't labeled right,  probably found it somewhere other than a shopping site. 

Okay so now lets get to the items that are in all these folders.


ASOS Animal Print Watch with Matching Bezel Detail 


Pink Bow & Crown Charm [Sold out]

That's one thing about Etsy, since these things are handmade, & sometimes only 1 of a kind, you can't wait to get it, cause it will be gone!


Dr Jays 
Akademiks Heart Jacket [Sold Out]

Saved this a long time ago, probably can't find it anywhere anymore.


2 Cute 2 Trendy 
Black Lace Strapless Gathered Cocktail Dress 

Etsy Stuff
--This category is obviously all things from Etsy so I will link to the specific seller then item if available--

Cutie Hats 
1 Eyed Minion Earflap Hat from Despicable Me 

Gifts For Others
--In this category I save things I would buy for friends or family. Usually baby things for upcoming birthdays or babyshowers--

Ron Burgundy Jacket Anchorman Costume 


AGRA [Sold Out]


Dr. Jays 
Akademiks Dazzle [Sold Out]


--On clearance!--
I guess I didn't notice these are made with leather. Guess I don't want them anymore but they are gorgeous.


Freesoul - Distressed Straight Leg Jean [Sold Out]


3 Sweet Peas Jewelry 

--This category has sub-folders by sneaker brand, most I won't wear anymore due to my no leather policy. So I will jump to the Converse category, the only sneakers I wear anymore--

Chuck Taylor All Star Double Upper Ox Aster Purple Milk [Sold Out]


Dolce Vita Vince Black [Sold Out]
These might be leather & found before I became anti-leather so they might not be a want anymore.


Charlotte Russe 
Leopard Bubble Mini Skirt [Sold Out]


Perpetual Kid 
4GB Building Block USB Flash Drive 


Plaid Cut Out 1 Piece [Sold Out]


80's Tees 
Airbrush Little Miss Sunshine [Sold Out]


Abercrombie & Fitch 
Johanna Top [Sold Out]

And that is the last of it! Those are all my categories, except beauty which only had 3 lip glosses in it & I am not really using, & "Need 2 find" which is pictures of things I see on blogs & what-not that I want to find. So since this is such a long post this might become a Sunday theme. Shopping Sundays. =]

Anything here you liked? Any sites I've shown to you that you never knew of? What are YOUR favorite places to shop? Please share with me!

Until next time,
Lovely Shopdict


Cinderella's Closet said...

Hi Sally! I think that's a great idea. I was also going to do something like it, but I'm pressed for time as it is.

Love your choices. Have a great day!


Cinderella's Closet NYC

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