Monday, November 21, 2011

Soul Food

I am sitting here listening to my iPod [iPodizzle as I like to call it], dancing in my chair. Just loving all the music that's come out lately. So I thought I could share my fave songs lately with you. Even better, the videos, [which I hardly watch now a days] but all these videos are just awesome in my opinion. So lets feed our souls & shake our asses! =]

First up..

Call Your Girlfriend - Robyn.
This video is simple, the dance is pretty weird to me though. I think the story she's telling is pretty messed up, but the song is catchy. What really grabbed me about this is I loved Robyn's I guess "one hit" way back when, "Show Me Love" [] & to see her come back after so long, & after I rediscover her old song this past summer is pretty awesome!

It Will Rain - Bruno Mars
I love this song. Can't help loving a love song. I think Bruno Mars is a total hopeless romantic & sweetheart. Like the Edward Cullen of music =]

We Found Love - Rihanna
Rih is just awesome. At first this song was eh. Then it grabbed me! & then I seen the video, and oh my. Crazy that she still has feelings for dude after everything. The heart is a fool.

Sexy And I Know It - LMFAO
Ahh, LMFAO. How can you not love them? Ever since Real World Cancun presented the boys to me I've been hooked. They are crazy fucking awesome. And the video is hilar.

Not Over You - Gavin DeGraw
I loved Gavin from hearing his music on my favorite show, One Tree Hill. I always check for his new stuff. And this song is great. Another "awww" love song for the collection.

Summer Swag - Mike Stud
This dude isn't really widely known, but my favorite bitch, Jenna Marbles, mentioned him & I like his music. Plus he's kinda freaking cute. =]

I think that's plenty for now. Since I mentioned Jenna Marbles, let me tell you about her awesome self! She is just a regular girl who made YouTube videos, one of them [How To Trick People Into Thinking You're Good Looking] went viral & she got a big YouTube following that just keeps growing. She posts a new video each & every Wednesday for her loyal subscribers. All her videos are comedy and/or just her own opinion on things and I make sure to never miss a video! I love her, she's awesome, funny, honest, a little weird like me, & she's hot as fuck. I'd be lesbian for a day for her. Haha. No seriously. I would. So yeah check her out!

What songs are making you shake your ass lately?
Are you now a fan of any of these songs?
What do you think about Jenna Marbles?

Please share!

Until next time,
Lovely Shopdict


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