Friday, November 11, 2011

Forever Dreaming

So today was the "magical" 11-11-11. Where we all had I guess 3 chances to make our wishes.. On the day itself, & especially at 11:11 AM & PM. Did you use your wishes wisely? I only caught the 11:11 PM wish. Hope that's good enough =] Plus even better, its Friday!

So for tonight's post I am going to share my Forever 21 wishlist. I could go on a shopping spree in this place! I just placed an order for 1 item [Shocking! I deserve a prize for resisting. Really.] & I cannot wait til it gets here =] ]. Until it does I'll just dream of these fabulous finds..

Okay I just loaded the pics of recent finds from F21 that weren't sorted, just in my Shop folder.. & there was 145 items! I'm going to cut it down to the absolute gotta have this favorites. For now =]

{As always, ♥'s are links}

 First & favorite section of F21..


Femme Ring Trio [Sold Out Online]
and in Cream [Sold Out]

 Forever Satin Bow Necklace 
-also in other colors-

Fork Pendant Necklace 

Heart Compass Necklace
also available in Silver

Horse Shoe Necklace 

Lacquered Flower Necklace 

**Side note: I am searching for these products on the F21 site & having too much trouble. I can search for the item by its EXACT name, & it won't come up. I have to go through my wishlist's to get to these items. Good thing I wishlist everything. But WTF F21?**

Long Stem Rose Necklace 

 Love Forever Bracelet

Pearlescent Bead Necklace 

Pearlescent Bracelet w/ Bow 

Shimmering Bolt Necklace [Sold Out Online]

Seize The Day Necklace [Sold Out Online]


Fitted Floral Dress [Sold Out]

 Lace Yoke Dress [Sold Out]

 Leopard Grommet Dress 

Mesh Inset Bodycon Dress [Sold Out]

One Shoulder Bodycon Dress [Sold Out]

**Note: I am getting Sold Out when I choose these items off my wishlist which wouldn't turn up in F21 Search. I assume they are completely sold out & not just my size, small.**


You And Me French Terry Hoodie 

 Short Sequined Skirt
[Can't Find On Site. Sold Out?]

Sequined Kiss Top 

 Seven Dwarfs Graphic Top 

Rhinestone Love Top

 Metallic Open Knit Sweater Tunic 

Marvin the Martian Top 

Leopard Sublimation Top 

Braided Purl Knit Sweater


 Glittered Leopard Stilettos 


 Sequined Leopard Hobo Handbag 

Leopard Print Canvas Handbag 

Leatherette Handbag 

Fair Isle Handbag 

I could go on & on but that looks like enough for now =] Oh and here's the item I ordered, it has a special meaning to me. 

Rock Star Cut Off Top 

Which ones, if any, would you like to have?
Do you have a Forever 21 wishlist?

Please share!

Until next time,
Lovely Shopdict

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Iyah said...

me! me! me! I made one wish.. hope it will come true.. no specifics though.. :)