Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pom Poms, Truffles & Patches

That's how I feel after all this Thanksgiving food!

Hello loves. This post will be 3 parts. I seen some things online I wanted to try & having a few days off, I did. One is decorations, one is a recipe, & the other is my Thanksgiving nail design. =] All of these things were really easy to do too. So if you like Oreo's, Nail Art or cute D.I.Y. decorations, go see after the break.

First up, Oreo Truffles. I seen a recipe & the pictures, and I just had to add this to the Thanksgiving menu. It is super simple! Even a non-cook can do this. Literally. There is no cooking involved! Well, just melting chocolate.. but that's it! Here is where I originally saw the recipe, I'm Topsy Turvy.

Here's what I did. I cut the original recipe in half just in-case I didn't like them, or I messed up. So I used half a pack of Oreo's & 4oz of cream cheese. You crush the Oreo's til they are all crumbs. No big chunks. Then mix it with the cream cheese. Mix well. If it seems more cookie than cream cheese, add a little more. That's what I did. Then you just spoon out and roll into balls. I made them bigger so it only made about 14. Then take the melted chocolate and pour on top or dip ball into the chocolate. I poured it on top. Then fridge them for an hour. They were so DELICIOUS. I've been eating them all. I'm horrible at describing things so check the recipe. A lot of places have it so you can just Google "Oreo Truffles" and it comes right up. This is how mine came out [still crappy photo's]. The chocolate got a bit messy but still good. I need to make these again ASAP.

I'm going to go eat one now. =].

Ok next is Tissue Paper Pom-Poms. I first seen this as a video on YouTube but here's a site that tells you how to do it. This is another thing you can just Google & get plenty of places telling you how to do it. The only reason I did this was because I have TONS of Victoria's Secret tissue paper just sitting in my closet. I never throw them out when I get it from shopping in store. So I figured this would be a good use for them. Then it was so pretty I did 2 more. Still have plenty of tissue paper left too.

The first pieces of tissue paper I chose to use. Only 6 for the first try.

The finished product. I used a ribbon from VS I had since its all I had on hand. 

Hanging from my ceiling. Very cute but not too full only being 6 pieces.

The second set of tissue paper I planned to use.

View of the white piece's design.

Let me note, being that this tissue paper wasn't all folded nice & even, most had a lot of wrinkles, it was not easy layering them together evenly to start the folding. I would assume fresh new tissue paper will be easier to handle.

All the tissue paper I still had.

Finished & hanging.

The different colors look very nice. 

Comparison. You can see the 2nd one [on the left] looks much fuller. But I still like both of them. I only taped them up to get a feel for them at first.

Third selection. The white swirly paper was the only one I had of that design. =[

Third ball, hanging.

Another one I am happy with =]

All 3.

Pile of left over tissue paper. Still plenty.

Ok and last I wanted to share was my Thanksgiving nail design. Patches on Gold Holographic. If you want polish names/colors, just ask. As always, my middle finger is a different design. All the patches are different colors. On the opposite hand I did the same thing but the colors on my left pinky were on my right thumb, left ring on my right pointer, etc. Only the middle had the same color on both. I liked it better that way. I usually do the same thing on each hand's finger but I felt like switching it a bit. Honestly chose this way because I wanted my thumbs to be different. Better to look at when I am texting. Haha.

I really liked how it came out. Got a lot of compliments too =]

That's all for this post. I did no Black Friday shopping, as usual, surprisingly enough for a Shopaholic but I just didn't have the money this time even though I really wanted to shop. Ah well, maybe next year. If you did a post on your Black Friday Haul *please* let me know!

Until next time,
Lovely Shopdict

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