Saturday, November 19, 2011

Piece of Haul

I tried to do a haul post. I have quite a few purchases I haven't shared due to the lack of a decent camera & horrible lighting in my room. But then it started to pile up so tonight I decided let me just do it anyway & even with all the lighting possible the pictures sucked! So horrible you can't see any detail what-so-ever. It is really just better to wait the next week & a half to get the better camera & then do it. But there were some things I took pictures of things that didn't come out too bad and/or don't need detailed photos. So I will share those few things with you so I have less to do when the real camera comes. =] I guess here's a tiny part of my haul.

I don't have the receipt anymore so I have no idea what these things cost, and Mandee's no longer has an online shop so I can't even look it up. Suckery!


2 pairs of spider earrings

Black gloves with optional conversion to mittens

Black ruffle scarf

trying to show the detail =\

Lace//Pattern tights 

Small bag by Cesca
w/ removable adjustable strap


 Miscellaneous socks & 1 pair of leg warmers [that are actually not from target]

I have a sock addiction. I am always buying these cheap cute socks. The orange ones are thigh highs, the other two long socks are knee high.

Okay so that's all I have to show that can be shared with crappy pictures. As soon as I get my new phone//decent camera I will share the rest of my haul. =]

Fuck the questions, nobody ever comments anyway. No matter how many views I have. =\

Until next time,
Lovely Shopdict


Nee said...

i absolutely love your cute blog so i'm following now:) hope you like my blog too!


canvasofculture said...

lovely blog! can't wait to see the rest of the haul :)