Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Have A Heart, Do You?

This post is nothing I usually do. I am just seriously outraged & disgusted. PETA has informed me that Nestle, the company that produces Nestea, does disgusting, horrible animal tests & experiments for basically no good reason. They say they do it to show health benefits of their product. The law does not require any of these tests. US Regulators say these tests are proof of NOTHING. Basically these experiments hold no legal or regulatory standing or purpose. WTF are they being done for?!?!?! Please have a heart & read on.. I am offering a follow for people who help.

Video by PETA about Nestea.

I gave you the rundown of the situation. That honestly is all it comes down to. But if that isn't enough information for you here are the links for more info.

PETA's site for the protest against Nestea -  
PETA's article on their site about Nestea - 
PETA's Victory article on Lipton, who once did these tests & has now stopped - 
PETA's blog. For anyone interested in keeping up with all PETA investigations & victories!
PETA's Guide for Cruelty Free Living -  
PETA's list of companies who do & do not test on animals. [Makeup lovers, MAC is on the good list!] -  & 

The first two links give helpful info & e-mails about how to help stop Nestea. I signed the pledge to protest Nestea & I e-mailed the CEO's of Nestle about the issue & asked them to stop. The third link I provided to prove that it is possible to stop, it is possible to produce a quality product without any animal experiments or tests, and to show you guys that if we all say something, eventually they will listen. There ARE success stories PETA has shared of companies who hear OUR VOICES & change their ways. So please send them a quick e-mail & ask them to stop the testing. Help to save these poor defenseless animals from torture. It only takes a minute. Or/also please do not buy any Nestea and/or Nestle products. [there are plenty more delicious alternatives anyway!!]

I will promote & follow the blog of anyone who e-mails Nestle about this!! 
To prove you've done this just Forward the e-mail you send to my blog's e-mail account []. Forward, not copy & paste, so I can see the e-mail it was sent to, & the date/time stamp. Make it easier & also leave me a comment so I know who sent what.
I will promote your blog with a post of my own & a permanent link on my main page as shown here:

Now for anyone interested in what I e-mailed these nasty CEO's, here's a screenshot. You can read it if you click on the image. I just blocked out my real name, which I just realized shares the same initials as my blog name, L.S. haha!

Ok now that I have informed you guys, and hopefully inspired you to take action as well, I can conclude this post. =]

What causes do you stand for?
Have you ever heard about PETA or Animal Testing?
Do you shop cruelty free?
If you didn't before will you now? [I hope so!]

Please share!

Until next time,
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Ninja said...

oh no! Now there's something I'm not buying again. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention! Animal testing for food or cosmetics is absolutely disgusting, and pointless since we have plenty of scientific ways to test them as well. Too bad so many mainstream brands still participate in those atrocities!

xxx ninja (