Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy Haulidays!

Ok everyone I am ready to share my hauls with you from the past 2 months? I finallyy got my new phone which means a good quality camera that actually shows these beautiful things off the way they should be. So there is a lot to show, I will be breaking it up into 2 posts. Also, since some of this stuff was bought over a month ago I don't have prices for everything but whatever info I do have I will share. Haul time part 1!

I can't remember what I bought first so I'm just gonna go in a random order. First up, the reason I can finally get good pictures for you all!


Got an iPhone 4S & a Juicy Couture case. Love them

Mandee's no longer has an online shop.

a bit sheer..

 My first skirt that is like this.. I love it! Can't wait to wear it. =]

Too cute with the ears!
 Opens big!

 Small pocket inside

Need more gloves with optional finger covers.

American Eagle 

Deux Lux Bow Clutch

Deux Lux Bow Satchel

Have to fold it to put it in the dust bag. =[ Don't like that.

AEO Animal Charm Bracelet

AEO Serpent Ring
[A similar ring is available for $12.50 ]

AEO Studded Bracelet
Navy - $9.99

AEO Studded Bracelet
Brown - $9.99

Knock Knock Why I Really LIke You Pad

 The back

Victoria's Secret & PINK 

Free Tote Offer

 Slouchy Tote

I swore I ordered the tan colored one but maybe I rushed & clicked Pink. Cute either way

The back. One side un-slouched

The bag has magnets on both sides to close the bag to be the shape shown in first pic.


Signature Pullover Hoodie
$44.50. Sale- $34.99
[Available in different styles ]

Campus Pant
[Available in different color/style ]

One thing I don't like about these sweats. This is the inside. It has a plastic like back that make crinkle sounds & feels uncomfortable on my leg. Otherwise, I love these sweats!! Now I know to check for things like this. I think I ordered these online.

New York Yankees Bling Zip Hoodie
On Sale for $39.99


 Supermodel Essentials Notebook.


The paper & pen holder. That is my own pen, it didn't come with a pen.

Sexy Little Things Noir Body Mist 2.5 oz

Sexy Little Things Noir Rollerball
$10 ?

Beauty Rush Colorshine Gloss 
in Watermelon
Shows a tiny bit darker on my skin than shown

Beauty Rush Minty Lip Shine 
My fave of all the Beauty Rush glosses.

Bling Favorite V-Neck Tee 

Signature Pullover Hoodie 

Holiday Scoopneck Tee 

Now bra's!

Bling Ultimate Push-Up Bra 
SO gorgeous. Soon as I seen it online I went into the store to get it. Didn't even blink at the price. Makes me wanna go out in just a bra. =)

Bling Multi-way Push-up Bra 
Another gorgeous bra that makes me want to be shirtless. Love!

Push-up Lace Demi Bra 


Okay that's enough for this post. I have a part 2 that I will share soon!

Until next time,
Lovely Shopdict


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